Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Top 10 Tips for hiring a Man with a Van

Top 10 Tips for hiring a Man with a Van
If you are interested in hiring a man with a van service, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind as you consider your options.
1) Ask your friends, but do your own research!
One of the best ways to find a man and van service is to ask your friends. Nearly everyone in the adult world who doesn’t make it their goal to live as simplistic as possible has used a man with a van service in their past, and they likely have a trove of experiences to tell you about. Good or bad, what they tell you is valuable but you should always do your own research. If you live in Leeds, you would search “man and van Leeds” or something along those lines. You can then search the companies that come up for testimonials and ratings!
2) Make sure it fits within your budget
Typically, a simple move from A to B is charged by the hour, however additional charges may be attached to longer distances. Finding a common ground and agreeing on a fixed fee for the service is suggested, but if not, play it safe and consider the moment the truck arrives to be included with the hourly rate, regardless of when their worker leaves.
3) Do you need to do heavy moving?
Do note that the name ‘man and van’ is literal and that you can expect to only have one helper with you (if requested) – try searching for Men with a Van. If you’re moving heavy objects such as refrigerators and steel furniture, it may be wiser to consider a service with more than one man.
4) Check up on testimonials
Ask any company you contact if they have any designated testimonials website that you can check out, and also make sure to visit any review site that includes commentary on moving companies.
5) You can get your waste brought to the recycling centre or tip
This is straight forward. You can get all your unwanted belongings to be brought to a recycling centre or a disposal facility for an additional fee if you so choose. This is preferred over renting out an entire trash container that must be received by a vehicle that can lift and handle such a large and heavy storage device. Using a van can be both more efficient and cheap.
6) Need to move to another country?
While a man and van service is extremely valuable and recommended for inner-city moving, check they offer an international service.
7) Know the difference between “man and van” and “removal”
A common mistake is that these two services are the same. They are not. Removal services are larger scale (full teams, multiple vans, additional services) and are meant for a more intense moving process. Man and van is for moving a little bit of stuff with one or two helpers that load and unload whatever is needed. This is a very basic way of looking at it but it is a good start.
8) Check your region!
Certain regions have a better service than the other side of the spectrum, and there’s no way of knowing for sure without researching it yourself.
9) Pack your own belongings beforehand
Most man and van services do not provide packing assistance, and this is up to you, the buyer, to handle. It is suggested to pack your belongings yourself, labelled effectively for your future convenience. This way, the helpers know how to organize the boxes and additionally know where to place them when arriving at your destination. Help your helpers and you’ll make a good impression!
10) Don’t know how to disassemble your furnishings? No problem!
However, most man and van services do provide assembly and disassembly of common furniture and most self-assembly products. We all know the struggle with assembling things and then needing to figure out how to break it apart without destroying necessary parts, and the helper you hire with the van can help you out!

For further details check out http://www.menwithavanleeds.co.uk or email us at info@menwithavanleeds.co.uk